Honey Moon


Here’s a new digital painting I just finished today. I’ve been working on this one for awhile. I did this one to commemorate (mostly for myself, and for fun) the June, Friday 13th, 2014 full honey moon. I didn’t actually get to see the amber glow that night, but I do remember the moon looking larger than normal, so that was cool. It seems like it took forever to paint all of the 500 bazillion stars, although truthfully I struggled to find time to complete this art piece because I’ve been busy doing other things. I think I may have gone a little star crazy in this painting with the stippling but I’m glad I did. I think it adds a lot of interest and it inspired me to work on some other art in the future with lots of crazy color dots.

In other news, my new Zazzle shop is now open. Go check it out at David’s Art Magnet Shop. My art, assembled in cool fridge magnets. Some products require 18+ restriction on Zazzle. To see all products be sure to turn the content filter to off.

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I Have A Super Cool Announcement – David’s Art Magnet Shop – Coming Soon!!


I will soon be offering my artwork to be available for buying as 2 inch square refrigerator magnets with the help of Zazzle.com and I am so excited about it. I just had to share the joy. The above image shows a product example featuring my recent fish painting. I have just ordered a magnet for myself so that I can see how well it prints out. I already know from previous purchases from Zazzle that their magnets are super high quality, but I want to make sure my artwork image quality is up to my high expectations, which I’m pretty sure it is since I create my artwork with 300dpi resolution, before I release my shop url.

As excited as I am, I want to make sure the product is good before people spend any money on it. Hopefully I will receive my magnet in a few days, and then I’ll post a photo of the actual product so everyone can see what it looks like and if it meets good standards.

Thanks for taking time to read my announcement 🙂

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Abstract Painting Completed On Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


Sometimes it’s just fun to lay down some colors, and blur it all out and make it look like colorful clouds. It’s one of my favorite ways to make random abstract paintings. It’s also one of my favorite ways to make backgrounds for paintings that have drawings on them, such as was the case in my recent fish painting.

I’m trying to figure out whether to leave this as is, or paint something over it… maybe some balloons floating in the sky, or maybe a super colorful peace sign. I’m really feeling a peace sign painting would be fun to do, but my imagination may lead to another background choice. We’ll see…

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Fish Painting Completed On Sunday, June 8th, 2014


This is my first digital art fish painting I’ve completed in Artrage. I got some great exercise in learning how to use more layers than I’ve previously done. That makes me happy because I’m becoming a little more familiar with what I can do with the software.

I loved experimenting with colors on this painting, and while at first, I was not so sure how the yellow background would look on the finished product since this image is supposed to depict an underwater world, but once it was done, I loved it. Creating this painting taught me a lesson that art is imagination, and neither art nor imagination needs to be perfect. In fact, I think that if I had gone with a blue background, I probably would have thought this to be just another typical fish painting, and I probably wouldn’t have been as happy with it….. the cool thing though is that if I decide I want to make this design with a different background color, I can… but for now I love this just as it is and I can’t wait to do another fish painting. This one was fun.

Leave a comment and tell me which fish in this painting is your favorite.

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Male Physique Art Finished On Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014


This was my second male physique painting I did in Artrage. I almost deleted the whole thing because I couldn’t figure out how to make it look cool with all the dark colors blending in, but then I started outlining the whole thing in white and I loved the end result.

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Male Physique Art Finished On Sunday, June 1st, 2014


This was my first male physique painting I did in Artrage. So far it’s pretty much my favorite artwork that I’ve done since I started getting into digital painting.

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Abstract Character Art Tuesday, May 20th, 2014


This was was a fun art to do using the rainbow brush feature in the android art app called Paint Joy on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone. I just love all of the random colors.

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Abstract Painting Done On Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 In Paint Joy


There are a few paint apps I use on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone. One of them is called Paint Joy. I love the app because of it’s simplicity. It’s simple enough to be a great app to play with on the go, and just feature rich enough to kick out some really cool artwork. One of my favorite features of the app however is the rainbow brush feature which automatically chooses a different color for you each time you lift the S-pen. It’s really fun, and helps to make abstract art quick and easy.

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Hello World!

This is the beginning of another new blog for me.  This one will be focused on my digital art.  I tried starting a blog about this subject before, but then I lost interest for awhile, and then switched to another wordpress account, and….. well, life happens you know.

Recently I started gaining interest in digital art again and decided to break out my Wacom Bamboo Splash digital drawing tablet and start learning how to use Artrage.  I am amazed at what it can do, and what I can learn to do with it to build my art skills.

I have always had an appreciation and interest in art, and seeing other people create art is always amazing to me.  Although I always wished I could draw or paint, I never really applied myself to develop any skills until I discovered digital art.  From my earliest memories as a child, I remember drawing a portfolio of made up criminal characters, and throughout life have at one time or another made simple doodles, but nothing to say wow about.  I can remember in my teenage years, I learned how to draw Garfield (you know, the orange comic fat cat), and I would draw the same drawing over and over, usually in my notebooks during class in school…. beyond that, I never really got into trying to draw much.

In the early 2000’s, I sort-of got interested in trying to learn how to paint with acrylic paint.  I went out and bought a canvas, some brushes, a basic artist acrylic paint set, and a cheap easel.  I took my supplies home from the store, set everything up, and I thought painting an abstract painting would be a blast… and it was, in a way.  I remember dabbing paint on the canvas in various colors that I had experimented mixing from the primary colors that came in the paint set I had, and then moving the paint all over the canvas with a large brush.  I ended up with something that looked like rainbowish clouds of dark colors mixed with pastel colors… and honestly, the painting did not look good to me (and eventually I ended up tossing it in the garbage)… but I enjoyed the experience of trying it out.  I never did another painting with real paint again after that though, and those art supplies I had bought just sat around and collected dust for a few years before I finally threw them out.

Now in 2014, I’m realizing with my new interest in digital painting, that there must be an artist in me somewhere trying to break loose, and that maybe this time around I may have found something that interests me enough to start creating some neat artwork that people will enjoy.  In my first experience with painting I learned quickly that there is a lot to learn in order to become good at it, and honestly I don’t think that I would have had the patience (nor the money to keep buying all the supplies needed) to learn some of the things that I’ve learned while digital painting in Artrage.  I am totally fascinated by how almost real the experience is while painting in Artrage with my drawing tablet.  It’s almost like having a real canvas, real paint, and a real brush… but without the clutter.  I could say a lot more about my preferences for digital painting over painting with the real stuff, but for now, I will save that for another time.  I’m actually working on a list for another blog post on that subject which I will post once it’s finished…. I’m still debating all the pros/cons.


Since I’m not currently ready to present any artwork I’ve created in Artrage (but I will soon), I will start out by posting the image above. It’s an abstract painting I did on my android smartphone with a cool paint app called Infinite Painter.

So welcome to my new blog, and I hope you enjoy the upcoming art I will be posting. My three biggest current art interests right now, are abstract, human male physique, and fish, so you will probably see a lot of that.

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