Abstract Painting Done On Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 In Paint Joy


There are a few paint apps I use on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone. One of them is called Paint Joy. I love the app because of it’s simplicity. It’s simple enough to be a great app to play with on the go, and just feature rich enough to kick out some really cool artwork. One of my favorite features of the app however is the rainbow brush feature which automatically chooses a different color for you each time you lift the S-pen. It’s really fun, and helps to make abstract art quick and easy.


About Junkyard Blogs Directory

I am a photographer, artist, craftsman, outdoorsman, blogger, and owner of Mudpix Prints (www.mudpix.com) featuring my outdoor photography, residing in East Alabama. I am also the founder of the NWOAA (www.nwoaa.com), a directory promoting United States artists and photographers. I'm also the founder of Junkyard Blogs Directory (www.jybdir.com), a directory of the best blogs, websites, and businesses in America. Photography, creating art, promoting the arts, and getting outdoors are my favorite things to do when I'm not blogging and maintaining my websites.
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